Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working In my Jammies

You know, you gotta love life when you can work in your jammies, sitting at the keyboard, nibbling on a little Breyer's ice cream...yum! I am getting paid to sit here and do this! Too wonderful.

I am posting some of the site links that I have gotten paid to use- both GPT and PTC sites! These are legitimate, please check them out! Have fun! Any questions, just email me at .

These are GPT or "survey" sites. This, and PTC (Paid To Click) sites, are what I do in my spare time to earn money. I do not spend money, everything that I do is free of charge, it only takes a bit of my time! I do not post any non-legitimate sites- every site that I discuss has many times over proven payment.

Check out my new blog with advice for work-at-home-moms! Help For WAHMs!

Please also check out my new group at CafeMom! It's called I Want To Work In My Jammies!

About I Want To Work In My Jammies!

A group for Moms who work from their home to meet, network, share ideas, post ads, help new WAHMs, and hang out & have fun! It doesn't matter if you have a home business, home opportunity, a home job, surveys, any type of money-making opportunity that allows you to do it while cooking supper in your pajamas! All are welcome here.

You can always find this group with the following URL:
I Want To Work In My Jammies!

Below are a few links to my "Paid To Click" sites that really do pay! These all have very low minimum payouts, and actually take up very little time out of your day to complete! And, as with all of my recommended sites, there is NO COST to earn money! I wouldn't participate in them myself, if they required me to spend money. At each site, after you sign up/join, there are a list of banners/ website links that you simply click on, then leave the page open for 30 secons. That's it! That's all you have to do to receive your credit. I can walk away from the computer at any time during my "work" day to take care of my baby- and I frequently do just that. It fits into MY schedule, not the other way around!

Ur Online Bux

Buxy Bux




Old School Bux



  1. Hi!
    I love your banner.
    I saw it on the surveys-r-us ptc section.
    I would love one like that for my blog.

    Oh by the way i've signed up at your cafemom group (i have one to called quests4cash)
    and I also am following your blog.
    (feel free to check out my blog Quests 4 Cash)

    I hope to hear back from you!


  2. Oh, hey, that's great! I just checked out ur blog, liked it very much too!! We have good jobs eh? LOL.... I am starting a website too, based on the working in your jammies idea...hope you'll visit me there! Maybe we could exchange banners? I got that banner ( I absolutely LOVE it too!!) at I did the lettering myself, right on their site, many templates & many fonts!! When u make one we will exchange if u want- I post all over- thanks again :)