Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to Help For WAHMs!

Welcome to my new blog, Help For WAHMs!
Above, I'd like you to meet one of my reasons for working at home - my daughter, Hayley.

If you aren't a WAHM, you may not know exactly what one is! It means Work At Home Mom. With the skyrocketing gas prices these days, the high price of day care, the rising unemployment rates, and decreasing job market, many mothers either choose to stay at home with their children, or are unintentionally jobless, through layoffs, etc.

Whether you are a single mother or not, if you are a parent of any classification, you probably need some extra money! You may just want to earn some Christmas money, or a bit of running money, or you may be the only wage-earner in your home. Thank goodness for the internet, is all I can say! I spend a good bit of time on my computer anyway, so I might as well let it help me earn an income, right?

My goal with this blog is to share MY experiences, and those of personal friends of mine, to help other Moms navigate the often-confusing world of Online Working - separating the legitimate money-earning sites from the rip-offs, sharing the tips & tricks that I find helpful & time-saving, and sharing anything helpful about this business that I can. So, bookmark this blog and keep checking back, because it will be updated often & brutally honestly!

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