Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Note To Self: BE CAREFUL! LOL...

You know, sometimes we think we are all alone in the world as we sit behind the keyboard & mouse - that whatever we click has no connection to us. We have to remember, however, that our clicks in cyberspace can have consequences in real life.
It is a personal decision, of course, how much of our personal information we choose to reveal while we are online, whether for business or pleasure. Just remember one little fact... just because a site states that it is legitimate, just because it looks attractive, does NOT always mean that it is trustworthy!
There are ways to check up on sites, groups, & services to be sure that you are entrusting your personal info to a company that will not abuse it. One very quick & easy way to check up on a site or business online is to Google it! Just type in the name & the word scam and do a search, and you will find lots of interesting info on most anything, good or bad. It is up to your judgment after reading the posted information whether or not to then trust the site or service.
There are also sites specifically set up to help you "check up" on businesses online! Here are a few that I have found in my travels:

Been Paid.Com

GPT Reviews


GPT Review

The main thing, that I sometimes forget myself, is just to simply be careful. It can be difficult, if not entirely impossible, to get reimbursed for money fraudulently taken. Watch who you type out your CC number to, not to mention your SSN!

On a lighter note, a new site with lots of benefits & good ownership, and a few others I have neglected to mention, are below! Also, last but certainly NOT least, above is a new picture of my mother & my daughter, Hayley.

Cash Lagoon

My Survey 4 Cash!

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