Friday, October 24, 2008

Today Is A New Day!! Make The Most Of It.

I am learning more & more every single day while working at home.

Just a couple of tips & hints I learned about doing survey/ GPT sites!

1. Download Roboform. It is a program that fills forms- it's free at Saves large amounts of time!
2. When filling out surveys, you run into the pages that have long rows of buttons with yes/no. That was my least favorite part! Well, just hit Alt and = when you get to those pages- it selects "no" on all of them for you! Wow, HUGE timesaver...wish I had known that all along! (Sometimes you MUST select "yes" on at least one, but you can skip it on the next page)

Just a couple of time-saving (translation, money-making!) tips for you!!


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