Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updates On GPT's That Pay Well!

It has been a looooong 12 days since Halloween! I have been doing a sort of "weeding out" process with the GPTs that I prefer based on payment, ease of use, admin support, and availability of new & different offers. Currently, here are the ones that I feel it is MOST worth it to spend my time working on:

Surveys R Us - For a number of reasons; They have good, available administrative support, they have fresh offers often, they offer quite a few contests, (a GREAT way to make extra money!) multiple payment options, and they do reliably pay. Also, they offer reasonably-priced advertising options that really do work!

SquishyCash - Another great money-making site- a really cool option on this site is the "instant payment" - through Paypal, you can get your payment within 24 hours if you need to do that, I tried it to check it out- it DOES take a 33 % fee, but if you need money quick, it is a good option to have. LOTS of offers that approve well, multiple contests, one of my best paying sites.

FreebiesJunction - Another site that is well worth spending my precious time on. I have been paid well by them, and even early! Good offers that approve well, trivia, contests, and admin that it is easy to contact & get a response.

MoneyDreams- A new site, still working a few kinks out, but with an administrator that really works hard to please! I have already been paid once, and well compensated for any glitches with the newness of the site. He is regularly posting new offers & running contests, and pays twice monthly!

There are a lot of other worthwhile sites out there, but these sites are the ones that work best for ME. Questions? Need help with something? Feel free to email me at!

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