Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Belated Update ......

Yes, here it is two weeks since my last post already - but then I got a HUGE surprise right after my last post. I was offered an awesome deal by the owner of a very cool website, My Flipper Cash,  to take over as owner of that site; the classic "offer I couldn't refuse", lol.  So, I have been extremely busy for the last two weeks running not one, but two GPT sites.  If you aren't a member of Tiki Treasure or My Flipper Cash, I invite you to come join us and have a good time while making some extra cash. Yes, I really do pay people to fill out surveys and complete offers, check out the payment proof on the Forums linked from each site, and also at GPT Boycott and BeenPaid. We have lots of fun contests and daily trivia on the forum, chat boxes on each site, if you have questions, and many earning opportunities. Come on over and see us.

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