Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Update to Help For WAHMs!

Boy, it looks as though I have totally abandoned my poor blog! It has been sorely neglected for a couple of months, so I need to bring it up to date right now. I became a site owner in this time period and got so busy, I didn't update my blog.

I bought several "Paid" sites, all of which I will share here. First of all, I now own Tiki Treasure, a "GPT" site- (get paid to) and I stay pretty busy with that! It is a great site, members can join for free, just like the sites I have worked on for several months, and then complete offers, fill out surveys, and view ads for pay! I very much enjoy this site! I have several affiliate networks that I work with there that post the offers, and I in turn bring them to my members to look over and complete. Then, once a month, I pay my members for the offers they completed the previous month. I also have several contests and other fun promotions going on there at Tiki Treasure for entertainment and prizes.

I also now own several PTC Sites, "Paid To Click" - on these sites, you click daily on banners or links and view ads & sites, and earn money to do so. You also earn a percentage of your referrals' earnings on these sites. You won't get rich & retire working these sites, but you can earn some extra money there!
You can find the links to all of my sites by visiting the Jammies Network.

Here are some other great money-making sites that I have been paid from:

These are all honest sites that actually do pay you for your actions. I will have a few more updates later!

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